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What kind of hardware options are available for custom cabinets?

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What kind of hardware options are available for custom cabinets?

When it comes to custom cabinets, there are many hardware options available to choose from that can make a significant impact on both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the finished product. Here are some of the most common hardware options available for custom cabinets:

  1. Cabinet knobs and pulls: These are the most common types of hardware found on cabinets. Knobs are small, circular pieces of hardware that attach to the surface of the cabinet door or drawer, while pulls are longer pieces that attach with screws. Cabinet knobs and pulls come in a wide range of styles, finishes, and materials, making it easy to find a set that complements the look of your custom cabinets.
  2. Hinges: Hinges are a critical component of cabinet hardware because they allow doors to swing open and closed. There are several types of hinges to choose from, including concealed hinges, surface-mounted hinges and pivot hinges. Concealed hinges are hidden from view when the door is closed, while surface-mounted hinges are visible from the outside. Pivot hinges are used for inset doors and allow the door to pivot on a central pin.
  3. Cabinet hinges with soft-close: Soft-close hinges are becoming increasingly popular in custom cabinets because they prevent doors from slamming shut. Soft-close hinges have a mechanism that slows down the closing of the door, creating a smooth and quiet closing motion. They can be used with both overlay and inset doors and are available in a range of finishes to match your custom cabinets.
  4. Drawer slides: Drawer slides are used to support and guide the drawers of cabinets. They come in two basic types: side-mounted and under-mounted. Side-mounted slides are attached to the side of the drawer and the cabinet, while under-mounted slides are attached to the bottom of the drawer and the cabinet. Under-mounted slides are typically more expensive but offer a sleeker appearance and smoother operation.
  5. Cabinet latches: Cabinet latches are used to keep doors securely closed. They come in many different styles, including magnetic latches, roller latches, and push-to-open latches. Magnetic latches use a magnet to keep the door closed, while roller latches use a spring-loaded roller to keep the door in place. Push-to-open latches allow the door to be opened by pushing on it, eliminating the need for a handle.
  6. Cabinet legs and feet: Cabinet legs and feet are used to raise the cabinet off the floor, creating a more elegant and refined look. They come in many different styles and materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Some cabinet legs and feet are adjustable, allowing you to level the cabinet on uneven surfaces.
  7. Cabinet lighting: Cabinet lighting is a popular feature that can be added to custom cabinets. It can be installed under cabinets to provide task lighting or inside cabinets to showcase the contents. LED lighting is the most common type of cabinet lighting because it is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produces very little heat.
  8. Cabinet organizers: Cabinet organizers are designed to make the most of the space inside your cabinets. They come in many different forms, including pull-out shelves, dividers, and lazy susans. Pull-out shelves allow you to easily access items stored in the back of the cabinet, while dividers help to keep items organized and prevent them from shifting around during transit. Lazy susans are rotating shelves that make it easy to access items stored in the back of a corner cabinet.
  9. Cabinet locks: Cabinet locks are used to secure cabinets and drawers, providing an extra level of security. They come in many different styles, including cam locks, cylinder locks, and combination locks. Cam locks are the most common type of cabinet lock and are often used in office furniture. Cylinder locks are similar to those found on doors and are more secure than cam locks. Combination locks use a numerical code to unlock the cabinet or drawer.
  10. Cabinet handles: Cabinet handles are similar to knobs and pulls but are typically longer and thinner. They can be attached horizontally or vertically and come in many different styles, finishes, and materials. Handles are a popular choice for modern-style cabinets and can give your custom cabinets a sleek and contemporary look.

In conclusion, there are many hardware options available for custom cabinets, each serving a different purpose and adding to the functionality and appearance of the final product. Choosing the right hardware for your custom cabinets can be a daunting task but by considering your needs, budget and design preferences, you can create a beautiful and functional custom cabinet that meets your specific needs.

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