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One Stop Solution --- Kitchen Cabinetry , Wardrobe, Bathroom, Vanity , TV Cabinet , Bookcase etc.


Founded in 2010, Located  in Foshan city China , Jorkitchen is the top kitchen and provide total one line stop solution service for home furniture . As  one of  big cabinetry manufacturer in south China, We produce high end customized kitchen cabinets , wardrobes,  bathroom ,home furniture such as TV cabinets, bookcase etc with more than 10 years experience.


Production Capacity,Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

Jorkitchen has a  huge production capacity in South China, with more than 20 production lines,  more than 1000 sets kitchen  one  day which can ensure us an unsurpassed delivery  day for clients, Normally  from 10-30 days for production in a short time.  At the same time We provide a big  range of materials, such as plywood, HPL, pvc foam board, chipboard, MDF etc  and colors (More than 300 colors to choose ) to meet our clients diversified needs.

Jorkitchen’s automatic intelligent product lines, mainly consisting of Germany HOMAG machines,which guarantees the manufacturing sizes’  preciseness and stability. The information system, characterized by big data and cloud computing control,each panels with a scan marks to track from the cutting to packing preventing from missing panels,  greatly improves the efficiency of our mass customization.

Production flow :

raw material 400x400
Raw material
cabinet cutting machine
Digital Cutting
Edge banding
drilling 400x400
painting 调整1
Painting and drying
QC quality inspection
Quality Inspection
Pre-assembled cabinet
RTA cabinet loading

Strict quality control system to reduce error

Quality service , Guaranteed

1. Advance machines - ensure accuracy of production.

Our customization adopts world-class production equipment such as German brand Homag machines, CNC cutting machines, automic painting machines etc. 

Through fully automatic information and intelligent production combined together, we only only saves labor costs, but also improves production efficiency and greatly reduces the error rate, greatly shorten the lead time.

2. Design production system -reduce error rate

Our  production software has a design system which connects the designs end  and the production end , makes sure they are using the same system. After the designer competes the design, he only needs to export the data detail package , upload it to the ERP system for ordering and the system will automatically split the data and place the order , production scheduling optimization no need manually split the orders. It reduce the error rates greatly. 

The order data will be transmitted to each production position . The workers only needs to select or scan the QR code on the board , and then he can complete the simple rated production actions such as placing the board according to the diagram, without the need for the worker to think or adjust the machine. it  can minimized manual participation , thereby ensuring the standardized production .

This is a image of ERP
3. ERP production management system- link whole production and sales

Through the ERP production management system, a standardized business process has been established, which has realized the efficient operation of production sales, inventory, procurement, finance and other management links and ensured the accuracy ,timeliness and effectiveness of data information in production and operation process.

This is a image

4. Strict control of the supply chain -control the quality source

The upstream raw materials and components is an important prerequisite for the completion of lean production. Jorkitchen strictly controls its own upstream raw materials supply chain to achieve colaborative management. 

This is a image of hardware

A wonderful team to make the works excellet !

This is a image of Jorkitchen team
This is a image of Jorkitchen team

Meet our teem

1.Professaional sales team – we have 10 experienced sales who are all with more than 10 years experience , familiar from receiving order to shipping goods with a strong service spirit .

2. We have a professional design team to make sure we combine the latest designs with functionality, our clients will be very  satisfy to have a customized good looking and make good used of space of cabinets.

3. Strict quality control team , we have a strict quality checked procedure and our workers are strictly well trained  ,From raw material to the end product , to the shipment and to installation, every steps must be undercontrol.

4. After sale service team to make sure clients can satisfy the last installation when goods are in their home.




Two intelligent and professional  young men started a cabinet supply company in South of China.



Fast grow

The firm had expanded  fast and  own a 30 sales team in short 4 years.



Production Classification

Jorkitchen completed its first step of production specification by establishing 2 production bases to manufacture cabinets with different finished. 




Jorkitchen has taking parts in many fairs all over the world . 



Expanded to three factory

With more and more clients, Jorkitchen has owned three factories .


Purchasing steps

  1. Check your cabinet size , you can measure it or get a floor plan  from the builders .
  2. Contact with our team to send us your cabinet information , including the styles you want and sizes. 
  3. Our team will give you a price reference base on the sizes and give you some suggestion about the designs , the colors etc.
  4. After you are satisfy with the price we quote ,then we will start the designs and drawings formally.
  5. After deposite and clients confirm the drawing, we will start the production .
  6. Assembled the cabinets in our workshop or flat pack to ship to client .We will arrange the shipment to your home .
  7. Clients get the cabinets and get installation guild from us. A beautiful home happens.

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